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Could my daughter's forgetfulness be due to lack of sleep?

Lately, my daughter has been having trouble sleeping. This has been happening for a few weeks, and she's been a lot lazier and quite forgetful. Could these two things be related?...

I am having abdominal pain in the right side. What could be wrong?

For the last two days I am having abdominal pain towards my right side. What could be wrong?

My husband has weird stomach pain and is burping a lot. Could these be symptoms of an infection?

My husband has been complaining of weird stomach pain and he's also been burping a lot. I have tried a few home remedies but none of them seem to work. I think it's more than...

Are high hemoglobin levels a problem?

Can high levels of hemoglobin cause any problems for a person?

How should I choose a surgeon and hospital?

What are the criteria that a patient should consider before selecting a surgeon and a hospital?

When I was a child, I didn't receive some of vaccines. Should I get them now?

When I was a child, my parents didn't want me to have most of my vaccines. I'm now nineteen and I realize that I really do need them. Is it too late for me get these vaccines...

What are the possible side effects of sleep medicines?

What are the various side effects of sleep medicines? I have insomnia and am interested in looking into the available options, but I don't want to deal with side effects. Where...

How long does acupuncture treatment usually last?

If I start with acupuncture treatment for migraine, how long will it ideally take for the treatment to be effective? Is it something that will be ongoing?

Is there a cure for acute arthritis in acupuncture?

I am suffering from acute arthritis for the last six months. Although I am on medication and painkillers, it is not helping. Could acupuncture help me?

Can you suggest a treatment plan for my overall weakness?

I am suffering from overall weakness that just gets worse in the afternoon. Can you suggest any treatment that I should take?

Are my headaches due to my attempt to quit smoking?

I am having a lot of headaches ever since I have been trying to quit smoking. Is it psychological or could the two really be connected?

How does alternative hot and cold packs help in relieving pain?

For muscular pain, my doctor suggested doing alternative hot and cold packs. How does this help in relieving pain?

Is it normal to get back pain before periods after my C-section?

Ever since I had my c-section, I have been getting bad back pain just before my periods. Is this normal?

Is excessive sweating sign of a weak heart?

I feel I sweat much more than normal. Could it be a sign of a weak heart? Heart disease runs in my family so I want to protect myself.

Why am I experiencing pain after losing weight?

I have been trying hard to lose weight and now after losing about 25 lb I am having a lot of body pain. It's kind of a sore pain like I had been running. What could be the reason...

How does spinal manipulation work?

What is the meaning of the term spinal manipulation and how does it work? How could it benefit me?

Why do I have back pain while eating?

Off late I have been having a strange back pain when I sit and eat my meal. I have been having this for the last 2 days. What could be the reason for this pain?

I have pain in my hips due to excess weight. What can I do?

Over the past 6 months, I gained a lot of weight. I think this extra weight is causing me to have a lot of pain in my hips. What can I do to help manage this pain?

What is a pus culture?

My mom's doctor was throwing this term around us earlier. What is a pus culture? How is this test done?

What could be the cause of this burning sensation while urinating?

Lately, I've been feeling this burning sensation while urinating. What could be the reason for this? My urine is also a dark yellow color and cloudy.

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