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What does a nuclear medicine exam entail?

I was referred to a nuclear medicine exam after a routine checkup that showed issues within my cardiovascular system. He didn't give me much information on what this really means...

How long before my surgery should I stop taking blood thinners?

I have a minor cardiac procedure coming up in an out-patient facility. I'm a little nervous, but I'm preparing for it in the best possible way. However, I do take blood thinners...

How can I prevent heel pain?

I wear heels a lot to and from work, and it causes me to have a lot of pain in my foot--mainly in my heels because I'm on my feet the entire day. It's not unbearable, but I don't...

Is it possible to have colonic polyps when you're young?

There's been some pain around my rectum, whenever I have to actually go to the bathroom. I know it's not constipation because I go to to the bathroom regularly. I have a history...

Can surgery be done for carpal tunnel?

I'm having difficult closing my hands and my doctor diagnosed me with carpal tunnel. It's pretty unbearable. And I can't really stand it. I need this treated as soon as possible....

Vision changes in pregnancy. Is this normal?

I'm six months pregnant, and I'm starting to realize that I'm unable to see as far as I used to see. I've never needed glasses, since I always had 20/20 vision. Could this be...

When is an epidural used?

I'm going to have my baby naturally, and I want to avoid an epidural at all costs. Mainly because of all the side effect that I've been reading about. However, if I do decide...

Blurred vision with Celexa. Is this normal?

I started to take Celexa about a week ago, and now my vision is really blurry. I know this is a new thing too, since I've never needed glasses and it happens at random points...

Does a daith piercing help with migraines?

I'm thinking about getting a daith piercing since I suffer from really bad migraines. Would a daith piercing help with them?

Is a bunion a bone growth?

I think I have a bunion on my foot, and it's quite painful. It also feels a little hard. Is a bunion a kind of bone growth?

Is a pancreas transplant possible?

My daughter has type 1 diabetes and we really can't get her levels under control. It has been difficult, frustrating, and also emotionally draining. It's like no matter what...

Do peptic ulcers require surgery?

I went to the doctor about some pain that I've been experiencing in my stomach, and realized that it was a peptic ulcer. This happened a few weeks ago, and I'm still in pain....

Headaches from glasses. Is it serious?

Since I've gotten my glasses, I've been getting a lot of headaches for, what it seems, no rhyme or reason. I can't really take it any more, and these headaches are making it hard...

What is an angioplasty like through interventional radiology?

I need to have an angioplasty, and my doctor would rather do this through internationally radiology because it's less invasive. What is the procedure going to involve?

Swollen lymph nodes making it difficult to breath. Will the hospital help me?

I have a big lump on the left side of my neck, the size of a grape fruit. I don't have medicare. It's very uncomfortable. If I go to the emergency room will they help me? I'm...

Difficult swallowing

I am a heavy smoker, have had a sore throat for 2 weeks, and have had difficulty swallowing at times. I also suffer from GERD. Should I see a specialist? My doctor doesn't seem...

Drinking himself into unconsciousness

My husband is an alcoholic. After years of treatment, counseling and AA meetings he has stopped drinking. Or so I thought. I find empty, hidden liquor bottles plus most nights...

What can I do to prevent bunions?

I had a bunion removed recently because it was quite painful. What can I do to prevent developing any in the future?

My 6 year old has a speech problem. What do I do?

My 6-year-old daughter has a terrible lisp; she also has trouble pronouncing many words. What can I do to help her?

My kid won't eat. Help!

My 14-year-old daughter has suddenly refused to eat anything. Could it be a physical or psychological issue? She does complain of stomach pain but I'm not sure she's telling...

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