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Medical report CT pulmonary angiography?

Please advise me on the medical report description. Main findings are pulmonary CT angiography. no RA or RV thrombus seen. Central pulmonary artery patent and nkt enlarged....

My son suffers from chronic paronychia of his fingers?

Last June, my 17 year old son started getting chronic paronychia in his fingers. It started with 1 finger which got infected and the immediate care. The Dr. took the sides of...

Warfarin and diclofenac (arthrotec) interaction?

I have been prescribed arthrotec by my GP, but have read that it can have a serious interaction with warfarin, of which I take 6mg daily to prevent pulmonary embolism from recurring....

CT scan question?

Hi, what is the difference between a CAT scan of the pelvic and abdominal without contrast, with oral contrast, or with IV contrast? On another note why specifically the Covid-19...

Reoccurring leg pain?

My leg was hurt by a nail a year ago but I couldn't consult any doctor due to lockdown. It's itching now what do I do?

Post ACDF?

Since surgery on August 2, I have had "numb" areas on both arms. Also, my right side pectoral muscles and tricep seem "deflated" like they've "stroked out". The doctor seems...

I just wanted some answers to maybe why my friend passed away?

She lost tons of weight probably down to about 90lb, very weak, shaky, her skin was jaundiced colored, shortness of breath. She was a heavy drinker so I'm wondering if because...

What does it mean if there is a small amount of blood in a sarcal dimple?

I have a very small amount of red blood after a few weeks of irritation.

Bupropion and beta blockers?

I have been taking bupropion for two and a half months. Can I take one beta-blocker for a specific day (I have to talk in públic and I shake a lot) with It?

Bactrim side effect?

I took 4 pills of Bactrim for a UTI. IN the ER my dr told me my UTI was gone and I could discontinue the meds. I haven’t had a dose in 36 hours and my eyes are dry and sort of...

Plan B & surgery?

I just recently had gastric sleeve surgery 6 weeks ago, I am sexually active but not on birth control. I was wondering is it safe to take the Plan B pill even though I had gastric...

Covid vaccination side effects?

I am a 31 year old female, I just got my booster dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine. About 15 hours later I have warmth, pain, and swelling at the injection site. I also have armpit...

Vaccine booster?

I have had my vaccines one in February and one in March, I have had Covid twice since I had vaccines, also had monoclonal infusion. Should I take a booster?

Low BP after severe fall?

I am a 57 year old male. I have Stage 4 liver disease and an enlarged spleen. I have portal hypertension, anemia, cellulitis. My meds are Lasix, Lyrica, Integra, Nortriptyline,...

Is my toe infection bad enough to go to the ER?

My toe has been infected for almost a week now but just tonight I realized that there was a red streak going down from it hurts really bad. Do I need to go to the ER or urgent...

Covid vaccine?

I have a history of blood transfusions. I have 2 heart conditions. A blood clot on my brain. Anxiety. Depression. Insomnia. Bipolar. Epilepsy. I'm allergic to amoxicillin...

Why am I itching?

I started a more vigorous aerobic workout a few days ago. I've been doing it for 30 mins a day, prior to this I wasn't as active other than walking a couple of times a week....

When to go to urgent care for abdomen pain?

I have had severe right abdominal pain for 5 days and some diarrhea.

Sickness from water?

I have an issue that every time I drink water (whether tap, Brita filtered, bottled, anything, etc. ) I get super tired and very sick feeling. I use to try and deal but it just...

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