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Can marks from chicken pox fade?

My daughter had chicken pox, and it has left a lot of marks all over her body. Can these be removed? Or, will they fade over time?

3 Answers

These are scars that need to be treated as such.
Sometimes, after any form of inflammation in the skin, the skin can turn a red or purple or occasionally brown color. This is referred to as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This by itself is not a scar and thankfully fades over time. It’s similar to a stain in a carpet. It will fade slowly over time. If there’s a depression or a sunken area of the skin, this may represent a scar, and that will persist. Occasionally, a scar will have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation overlying it.
New scars will fade over time. The redness will get lighter. Actual dermal scars will soften but not go away fully. Laser can help reduce the appearance of them