Audiologist Questions Hearing loss

Can my father hear again?

My father is 75 years old and was suffering from partial hearing loss. However, in a recent examination by an audiologist, we came to know that even a hearing aid will not be able to improve his condition. How will he be able to hear again?

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If he has a "good ear" and the speech recognition for that ear is not bad or the percentage is greater than 40%, this ear can use a traditional hearing aid and the bad ear can be fit with what is called a CROS hearing aid. The CROS hearing aid would transmit the sounds it picks up to the traditional hearing aid allowing him to hear on the bad ear side.
To better answer you, I would need to see your father's hearing test results.
If the hearing loss is typical, progressive hearing loss, he might be an excellent candidate for cochlear implants. He will need a battery of tests with an audiologist and ENT doctor to determine if this is feasible.
If this wasn't part of the conversation with his audiologist, I would suggest a second opinion with an audiologist capable of doing an implant evaluation.
If he indeed cannot benefit from a hearing aid, you should consider taking him for a cochlear implant evaluation. Don't leave him in silence if something can be done to help him
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Perhaps your father has enough hearing loss that a hearing aid will no longer benefit him? If so, he may be a cochlear implant candidate. We do cochlear implant candidacy evaluations at our office.
I recommend your father see another, more experienced audiologist for a second opinion. I have been an audiologist for over 40 years and have never come across a patient with hearing loss we could not help to some degree.

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Louis Sieminski, Ph.D. CCC-A. Audiologist
I am sorry that you were told that nothing could be done with your father’s hearing loss. Most hearing loss even in someone your father’s age can be helped with either some type of amplification or even a cochlear implant. I would suggest that you have him evaluated by another audiologist.
Without having an audiogram and all test results it is difficult to answer this question. If your father is healthy, and if what you say is true that a hearing aid will not help, he may be a candidate for a Cochlear Implant. This is not a cure and the patient must be motivated to relearn some of the sounds that they were missing. Talk with your Audiologist about options available for your father.
Hello, in order to accurately answer your question, I would need to see his hearing test. If you would like to contact our office, that would be best. 847-432-5555