Family Practitioner Questions Asthma

Can steroids help in treating asthma?

Should I start taking steroids for my asthma? My attacks are becoming more frequent.

7 Answers

Steroids can be very helpful, and they can have some significant side effects. Please see your doc to assess the severity of your disease and the risk vs benefit of your using steroids.
Yes asthma has two components inflammation and airway narrowing. Steroids address the inflammation so does other natural products too.
You should be evaluated by your physician. We prescribe according to the severity and frequency of your symptoms. If your symptoms are not well controlled, you will need to step up from your current therapy and control your triggers. If you were previously only on a rescue inhaler, it may be time to incorporate inhaled corticosteroids. Please see your physician for a proper evaluation.
Yes. Steroids are indicated for poorly controlled asthma.
Steroids can help in very severe cases of asthma. However, if you think your asthma is bad enough to warrant steroids, you should discuss this with your primary care doctor or pulmonologist to figure out the best treatment plan for you. Best of luck.
Steroids help decrease inflammation in asthma. Topical steroids (inhaled) are safer long-term, but with severe attacks, systemic steroids may be advised.
Steroids, usually given in the inhaled form initially, can be very helpful in reducing symptoms.