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Can using a hard toothbrush damage gums?

I am a 42 year old male. I want to know if using a hard toothbrush can damage gums?

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Yes, use soft bush.
Better use a soft toothbrush.
A hard-bristle toothbrush can not only harm your soft tissues, but it can also abrade away important tooth structure as well - there is no indication these days for a hard-bristle brush, as bacterial plaque is easily removed with a soft-bristle brush and circular motions rather than scrubbing back and forth, which can also damage teeth and gums over time (think about how
using a soft cloth with ajax or comet cleanser wears away a shiny finish on your countertops or other surface). If you feel like you need a hard-bristle brush, it may be because you need more frequent visits to the dentist office for the hygienist to remove the hard tartar (and don't forget to floss in between your teeth EVERY day - it's critical to gum health).
Thank you for your question. I recommend a softer brush. The bristles can flex easier to reach the areas between the teeth. If you want to clean these areas with a harder brush, excess force is needed to flex the bristles. This excess force can cause the gums to recede in time. It is unlikely a hard toothbrush will cause healthy gums to bleed. If bleeding gums is your concern, please see a dentist for an evaluation of your gum health. The best information on tooth brushing can be found in the book GROWING A HEALTHY CHILD, SECRETS FROM A WISE OLD DOC. It describes different techniques for each age group, for various handicaps, and more.
Recession of the gums is always a part of the aging process. Using a hard toothbrush multiplies the timeline. Using a soft brush is all that you need to be able to clean your teeth and gums effectively.