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Can you mix two medications and what to do if already mixed?

I thought it would be fine but my chest and throat hurt a bit. I mixed an Allegra allergy pill (which is an antihistamine) and an Advil cold and sinus plus pill (which is a decongestant, analgesic, and antihistamine) and since there both antihistamines, I should be fine, right?

Female | 14 years old
Complaint duration: just now
Medications: none prescribed
Conditions: blue spells, other than that perfectly perfect

3 Answers

You should not take an extra antihistamine pill with the Advil cold and Sinus pill. If the Allegra had a decongestant in it, then you doubled on that medication as well. You need to drink extra water, as the antihistamine tablets can dry you out, as well as the decongestant.
Please don't do that anymore. You are double dosing allergy meds. Not good side effects. You could get drowsy and have a car wreck. I would recommend an emergency Ventolin HFA inhaler if asthma attacks are an issue. Get the nose spray fluticasone propionate (otc) for nose stuffiness. 2 sprays each nostril 2 times a day. Use it everyday. No skipping, or else it doesn't work correctly.
You should be fine. Not much to worry about. If anything, you might have some side effects from the Advil Cold and Sinus