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I wake up everyday morning with my nose all stuffy, Why is this?

Every single morning when I wake up, my nose feels extremely stuffy. What's going on and how do I treat this?

Why does my child get a cough and cold when the seasons change?

My son has a cold and cough every time the season changes. This doesn't happen with anyone else in our family, and my husband and I have very few allergies. Why is this happening...

How can I prevent my cold from becoming a sinusitis infection?

I have a history of sinusitis. My last 2 colds turned into painful sinus infections. I have the beginnings of a cold again and don't want to suffer through another bout of sinusitis....

Is it possible to be allergic to anesthesia?

I happen to be allergic to so many things, including foods and certain medications. My doctor recently told me I need to have surgery on my shoulder. This, of course, requires...

My daughter has hives whenever she's exposed to certain dogs. Does this means she's allergic?

My father has a german shepherd and whenever the dog licks her, she has hives only in that area. There are a few other dogs that this happens with. Does this mean she's allergic...

What are the signs of a drug allergy?

Are signs of a drug allergy always life-threatening?

Are antihistamines safe for a 5 year old?

My son is 5 years old and the doctor recommended certain antihistamines to treat his allergies. Is it safe for him considering he is still so young?

Can homeopathic medicines treat allergies?

My son is highly prone to dairy allergies. Can homeopathy treatment help in reducing his reactions in the long run?

Why do certain allergy medicines work for certain people?

For me, allegra D is the only thing that works for my allergies. Zyrtec for example literally does nothing. Why is this?

I have a typical sinus allergy. How can naturopathy help?

I have a typical sinus allergy because of the amount of pollen in the air. Can naturopathic medicine help me?

What creams can I use for mosquito and ant bites?

I am on vacation and I am finding a lot of little bites on my legs and arms, probably from mosquitos and ants. What topical creams should I use to soothe these bites?

How will I know if I am allergic to anesthesia?

I have to undergo a surgery for where I will be given anesthesia. Is there a way to know if I am allergic to anesthesia or not?

How long does it take for one to get over an allergy?

My daughter is extremely allergic to pollen dust and ends up wheezing when springtime comes around. Will she be able to get over her allergy?

I get itchy every time I'm around a dog. Is this an allergy

When a dog licks me, I usually have these red, itchy bumps in that area. And, also, around dog hair, I sometimes feel like I'm unable to breathe. Is this an allergy? If so,...

What do you recommend for an allergic reaction with the eyes?

With the increasing temperatures, my eyes get a burning sensation and even turn red. I think this is probably due to allergies. I try to wash them out the best I can once they...

Can sunscreen cause a skin allergy?

I have extremely sensitive skin. I have recently started using a new sunscreen lotion with spf 50, but my skin feels very itchy. Could it be a skin allergy caused by the sunscreen?...

I was recently around peanut butter and I have an allergy. Can I still have a reaction?

My friend was eating a peanut butter jelly sandwich around me. Normally I would be fine, but this time, I almost felt my throat begin to close. I immediately left the room and...

I have severe allergy to eggplant. Can it ever be cured?

I have a severe allergy to eggplant that causes my hands to itch and even peel. I stay away from it as much as I can, but I was wondering if this allergy would ever reduce?

How is poison oak allergy treated?

I've heard recently that a reaction to poison oak can really be severe. I'm going on a hiking trip later in the week, and I know that there are areas with poison oak. In case...

I have nausea and headache after eating red meat. What should I do?

I woke up in the morning to a bad headache and nausea after eating a steak last night. I've also noticed this happen when I have any kind of red meat in general. Why could this...

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