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What are the signs of a drug allergy?

Are signs of a drug allergy always life-threatening?

Are antihistamines safe for a 5 year old?

My son is 5 years old and the doctor recommended certain antihistamines to treat his allergies. Is it safe for him considering he is still so young?

I have a typical sinus allergy. How can naturopathy help?

I have a typical sinus allergy because of the amount of pollen in the air. Can naturopathic medicine help me?

What creams can I use for mosquito and ant bites?

I am on vacation and I am finding a lot of little bites on my legs and arms, probably from mosquitos and ants. What topical creams should I use to soothe these bites?

How will I know if I am allergic to anesthesia?

I have to undergo a surgery for where I will be given anesthesia. Is there a way to know if I am allergic to anesthesia or not?

I get itchy every time I'm around a dog. Is this an allergy

When a dog licks me, I usually have these red, itchy bumps in that area. And, also, around dog hair, I sometimes feel like I'm unable to breathe. Is this an allergy? If so,...

What do you recommend for an allergic reaction with the eyes?

With the increasing temperatures, my eyes get a burning sensation and even turn red. I think this is probably due to allergies. I try to wash them out the best I can once they...

I was recently around peanut butter and I have an allergy. Can I still have a reaction?

My friend was eating a peanut butter jelly sandwich around me. Normally I would be fine, but this time, I almost felt my throat begin to close. I immediately left the room and...

I have severe allergy to eggplant. Can it ever be cured?

I have a severe allergy to eggplant that causes my hands to itch and even peel. I stay away from it as much as I can, but I was wondering if this allergy would ever reduce?

How is poison oak allergy treated?

I've heard recently that a reaction to poison oak can really be severe. I'm going on a hiking trip later in the week, and I know that there are areas with poison oak. In case...

I have nausea and headache after eating red meat. What should I do?

I woke up in the morning to a bad headache and nausea after eating a steak last night. I've also noticed this happen when I have any kind of red meat in general. Why could this...

Can makeup done on a plastic surgery area cause reactions?

I recently underwent plastic surgery around my chin area. Usually I use foundation, but I've been nervous to use it in that area. The skin has healed but is there any chance...

Is there any way at all to get rid of allergies forever?

I've had seasonal allergies my whole life. They are really bad every year, some years worse than others. Is there anything at all I can do to get rid of them forever?

I am experiencing a mild itching sensation inside my throat. Could it be a food allergy?

I ate some fruit salad around a half hour ago and my throat is itchy, but it's so slight. I feel like it's not in danger of closing up but it's kind of annoying. Could this still...

Is lactose intolerance treatable?

My son is 12 years old and has been suffering from lactose intolerance since birth. Is it a problem for life or can it ever be treated?

Is there any permanent cure for allergic rhinitis?

My son is 15 years old and has been on various forms of treatment for allergic rhinitis. After trying different forms of treatment, I would like to know if there is any permanent...

Can dog hair cause allergy for my toddler?

I have a son who is 3 years old. We are planning to get a dog but I am worried if the dog hair could cause an allergic reaction for my toddler. Can allergy testing be done on...

I have a strange swelling around my face. Could it be an allergy or an insect bite?

I woke up this morning and I am noticing this strange swelling on my face. My cheekbones also hurt a little bit as well. Could this be due to an allergy or an insect bite?


My allergy to milk has all of a sudden gotten worse, I'm in my 30's now, as a kid I used to just get hives and take Benedryl and be fine but all of a sudden I have started to get...

Can cetrizine help in reducing fever?

I took cetrizine for a cold that I believe resulted from an allergy, but now it resulted in a fever. Is it alright or will it cause any reactions in the future?

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