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Colonoscopy prep question?

I have dysphagia and must thicken all liquids with a cornstarch-based thickener in order to swallow them safely. Would I be allowed to continue to do this during the clear liquid phase of preparation for a screening colonoscopy?

Female | 53 years old
Conditions: CKD stage 3, MS

4 Answers

Yes, that should be okay to do. As long as you stick to only liquids (with thickener) the day before and do some kind of colon prep, then you should clean out fine.
In most cases drinking a large amount of clear liquids the day before colonoscopy is necessary in order to achieve an adequate jewel prep. There are certain dietary items that can meet your needs. Please discuss in detail with your GI specialist who is scheduled to perform your colonoscopy.
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I personally have used a full liquid diet on the day before colonoscopy for years and there are recent studies that support the use of this. It should not be a problem but would discuss with your gastroenterologist.
Yes, not a problem.