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Does oily food settle in the stomach?

When I eat oily or fried foods it causes heaviness and bloating. Does it mean this food just settles down in my stomach?

I am into heavy drinking. Is it too late to save my liver?

I've been drinking for around 30 years and I feel like I am doomed for liver disease. Can you tell me ways in which I could protect my liver?

Can milk cause loose stool in kids?

My child often ends up getting loose stool soon after drinking milk. Why would milk cause this?

My daughter has suddenly lost her appetite. Could it be a hormonal issue?

My 16 year old daughter has suddenly stopped feeling hungry and is losing her appetite. Could it be a hormonal issue?

How should I prepare my body for the transplant?

I have to have a liver transplant and we have found a donor! How can I prepare my body to accept the transplant better?

Why do I have a little bleeding after my colonoscopy?

I recently had a colonoscopy and now I have a little bleeding in my stools. What could be the reason for this? Is it normal?

What could be the reason for my stomach bloating?

I am having a lot of stomach bloating with slight pain on the right side. My stomach feels tender to the touch as well. What could be the reason for this?

What is the treatment for acid reflux?

I have acid reflux and have poor food habits. The burning in my throat and chest is becoming intense. What is food I should avoid and food that will help?

I suffer from liver disease. Can I still eat fast food?

I have liver disease. Does this mean I should completely stop eating greasy and fatty food?

What diet is recommend for a person suffering from impacted stool?

My father suffers from severe constipation and recently his stool has become impacted. What are foods to help relieve his discomfort and loosen his stools?

What are the risks of a Colectomy?

I am due to undergo a partial bowel resection. What are the possible risks of this surgery?

What are some home remedies to stop diarrhea in children?

I am traveling next week with my toddler who is 3 years old. All week he has been experiencing diarrhea. Because we will be in the car for long periods of time while we travel,...

Can acupuncture treat my digestive disorders?

I have major digestion problems that really disrupt my quality of life. I feel like I have tried every medication and diet. Would acupuncture help with treating these digestive...

Can anesthesia lead to gastric troubles?

Ever since I underwent my surgery, I have been experiencing issues with my digestive system. Could this be due to the anesthesia that was administered to me during the surgery?...

What changes should patient's make once diagnosed with irritable bowel disease?

My father has chronic IBD and barely has changed his diet since his diagnosis. What other changes should he make to help manage IBD?

How do you identify anal fissures?

How are anal fissures usually diagnosed in people? There's so much pain in that area, but I definitely need to be calmed down a little with this. I want to get this issue diagnosed,...

What could be causing my nausea after eating?

Lately, every time I eat something I get severe nausea right after. What could be causing this?

What is the best diet recommended for IBD?

My father has recently been diagnosed with irritable bowel disease. What is the best diet recommended for him?

What are the main triggers of frequent diarrhea?

It seems every time I have to use the restroom, I am having diarrhea. I eat pretty healthy, and stay away from sugars and caffeine. What can be causing my frequent diarrhea?...

What can be done to help relieve the symptoms of gerd?

My mother has gerd and is constantly complaining of pain. She has trouble eating almost everything. Is there anything that can be done to help relieve these symptoms?

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