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Can you suggest natural laxatives that are safe for elderly patients?

Can you please recommend natural laxatives that can be consumed by elderly patients without side effects? My mother has been having issues with constipation.

Is there a diet specific for a person suffering with IBD?

I have had IBD for many years and I haven't got the hang of managing it. Is there a diet specific for an IBD patient?

Can iron supplements cause constipation in children?

My daughter is 11 years old and I have been giving her iron supplements since she started to feel pretty fatigued at the end of the day (her pediatrician knows). However, she...

Is cold milk a good option for acid reflux?

My husband frequently has acid reflux in the evenings. He doesn't want to overtake acid reducers. Is cold milk a good option?

Anal fissure

I just wanted to know that if I consult Orthopaedic surgeon for anal fissure or a general surgeon!? Currently I am using GTN ointment

What is the post operative care after a gastric surgery?

My husband underwent a gastric surgery to treat his GERD. What is the post operative care required to treat this condition?

What are some of the causes of acid reflux?

I am 31 years old, and lately it seems that I always have a burning sensation in my stomach. I haven't made changes to my diet. What could be causing this?

What is a safe laxative for a 5 year old?

My son has been constipated for the last 2 days, and his doctor told us to wait it out. Is there a laxative that is safe to give a 5 year old?

Can bread affect the acid in your stomach?

I eat a lot of bread and other baked items, I seem to always have acid reflux. Are the two connected?

What is the diet recommended to manage diverticulosis?

I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis and everyone says it can be best managed with a diet. What is the diet recommended for this condition?

Does anesthesia put extra stress on the liver?

My dad is a liver patient and is scheduled for a surgery. Are there any risks of getting anesthesia given his medical condition?

Left abdomen pain

Sir I have been pain in my left abdomen side for the past 5 months. I have taken medical check up which include X-ray, endoscopy, etc. Whatever I can but it comes out normal....

How long after an appendix surgery can I resume swimming?

I am a swimming coach and I am due for an appendix surgery. How long after the surgery can I resume swimming?

Why do I have so much gas and bloating?

I am suffering with a lot of gas and bloating issues and it is a recurrent problem almost every day. Why do I suffer from this?

Can long term IBD cause my digestive system to fail?

I have been suffering from Crohn's for the last 3 years. I can't find a medication or treatment that helps. However it is usually pretty mild and I am able to control it mostly...

What do you think is the best OTC treatment for nausea?

I'm looking for something that can easily and quickly treat temporary nausea. What do you usually suggest?

Incomplete bowel

I had lateral sphinrectomy at the end of December. After that, I have been having trouble with complete egestion. Doctor says it's constipation, but I feel it's contraction of...


I have a pain and sometimes blood with my bowel movements about 1. 5 years. And also itching after bowel movements. I think it is hemorrhoids. Can I still treat it at home?...

What the best diet recommended for diverticulosis?

My mother has been suffering from diverticulosis. What is the best diet recommended to make sure she's taking care of herself the best she can?

Why do I have to go to the bathroom after eating spicy food?

Why do I end up on the toilet after eating spicy food? Is there a way to manage this better?

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