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Why would some foods cause stomach aches?

It seems like some foods, especially tomato sauce, gives me stomach aches. The pain from these stomach aches can get really intense, but they usually go away after 5-10 minutes....

What questions should I ask my surgeon before my surgery?

I'm going to have abdominal surgery soon, and I'm meeting with my surgeon this week to discuss the details of it. He told me to come with any questions that I have, but I'm honestly...

What are the symptoms of fatty liver disease?

My father was diagnosed with fatty liver disease after going to the doctor for a routine appointment for his diabetes. It seemed he had no symptoms for this disease at all before...

Does my son have Crohn's?

My son was experiencing abdominal pain, diarrhea, and has been losing weight rather quickly. The diarrhea and abdominal pain have been chronic, and I only just realized that it's...

What is the aftercare for hemorrhoid surgery like?

I need to have surgery on my hemorrhoids very soon, mainly because they're not going away on their own. What should I do after the surgery to help my recovery?

Do I need another endoscopy?

I had an endoscopy ultrasound in Sept. 2018. It showed Mild Chronic Gastritis and a hiatal hernia. I am currently getting Acid Reflux and some stomach burning. Is it necessary...

Are headaches normal with celiac disease?

I've been really careful with my diet since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. However, lately, I've been getting severe headaches that often knock me out for the entire day....

Should I consider taking probiotics regularly?

I heard that probiotics are really good for your digestive health and I would really like to start taking them. How often should I take probiotics? And, what is the best probiotic...

How do I know if I need my gallbladder removed?

I've been feeling quite a bit of pain in my abdominal area. I was already tested for appendicitis, and it came back as nothing. But my doctor mentioned that this could have something...

What are the risk factors of celiac disease in children?

I was diagnosed with celiac disease quite recently, and I just learned that there is a genetic component with the disease. And, I'm worried that my daughter might develop it too....

How can I prevent liver cirrhosis?

My father had cirrhosis of the liver before he died, and I've been wondering if I would be at risk for the same in the future. What can I do to prevent liver cirrhosis?

Are colonic polyps surgically removed?

My doctor found polyps in my colon and we didn't discuss treatment because I had to leave his office right after. I'm following up with him at the end of this week, but I'm wondering,...

Does appendicitis require immediate surgery?

My daughter was diagnosed with appendicitis, but her doctor is holding off on having it removed and wants to monitor it instead. I always thought appendectomies are emergency...

Does hemorrhoids require a surgery?

My husband was diagnosed with hemorrhoids and they're not going away OTC medication and a high-fiber diet. Would he need surgery to remove them?

Can take-out food cause my digestive system to collapse?

I order a lot of take out food, but I know that this sort of food has very harmful effects. Can it weaken my digestive system?

Are probiotics safe for kids?

Can I give probiotics to my child to improve his gut function?

Are there any home remedies to treat diarrhea?

My son has diarrhea every time we travel. What home remedies can I try to keep his stomach safe and to stop diarrhea?

My mother has a problem of impacted stools. What can we do for it?

My mother has an issue with impacted stools, and we aren't sure of what we should do for it. How can we help her?

What can I do for my bad breath?

I have a serious bad breath problem which exists even though I rinse my mouth with a mouthwash and floss after brushing. Why is this and what can I do for it?

Every night after dinner I feel very heavy and bloated. Why?

The last 10 days I have been feeling very heavy and bloated and uncomfortable (in my belly) after dinner. I'm not eating more than what I usually eat. What could be the reason...

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