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Dark circles on feet?

I am a Black female with a light complexion. I have these unsightly, dark circles on the second toe of both feet. You can't feel them when touched, they don't hurt, the skin isn't dry, and basically, it does not fit the definition of a corn. Can you possibly tell me what it is and how to get rid of it? I have never worn ill-fitting shoes (as I already have very small feet), I absolutely never wear heels and I always wear socks.

Female | 39 years old
Complaint duration: 5 years
Medications: None
Conditions: None

5 Answers

They appear to be Dermal cysts. This is a common problem that is benign. If pain is present they can be removed
I am sorry miss, but that is not within my scope of expertise. I suggest seeing a podiatrist or dermatologist.

Yours in health,

Doc J

It is difficult to see clearly the area you are referring to, but this may be related to pressure and repetitive trauma from shoe gear. I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for further evaluation
It is the precursor to a corn or callus over the proximal interphalangeal joint of your toe. It usually happens from shoe pressure over the skin, and can sometimes be related to hammer toes.
They are hyperpigmentation due to pressure from shoes. Nothing to worry about.