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Dentures have caused gum injury. What can I do?

I am a 75 year old man and I am wearing permanent dentures. Although they fit in well, they have now started causing injury around my gums. I clean them and take them out regularly, but the pain is still persisting. What should I do?

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See a periodontist about implants to stabilize the dentures.
Check with your dentist who made the dentures, they may need some adjustment. I typically advise leaving them out at night to give the tissues a chance to "rest".
You should see a dentist.
Seek professional evaluation to rule out any pathological changes with the gums. Bone remodelling with denture use may have resulted in some pressure spots, the denture may just need an adjustment.
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My suggestion is for you to have a full exam and a CT scan to assess the reasons for the dentures cutting into your gums. It is very likely that you are losing the bone underlying the dentures, and therefore the edges are being force further into your gums because of the lack of support. I can take this CT scan in the office, as well as complete an exam if you are interested. Sometimes, implants can help with this type of problem. I hope that helps. Dr. Steve Aeschliman, Periodontist.
You need to come in to get them looked at and likely adjusted. Our jaw bone changes every year a little bit and dentures unfortunately will not adapt to that but can be relined and adjusted to fit the new shape. It is actually really simple to do. Please feel free to call our office to come in for a denture consult. We will likely be able to address it that day if it is a simple fix. An ill fitting (not well fitting) denture can cause serious breakdown of your existing teeth.
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Over time the gums and the bone in your mouth can shrink causing the dentures to fit improperly. A visit to the dentist will help determine if you can have your denture relined or if you will need a new one.
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It all depends on how long you have your dentures. As your gum shrinks, you need to reline your dentures. If this did not solve the problem, the oral cavity needs to be checked for any type of abnormalities.
You may have developed a denture sore spot where the denture is rubbing against the tissue. It’s an easy fix. See your dentist for an adjustment.
Only your dentist can determine what the problem is. In all likelihood, the denture is not fitting correctly, and movement is rubbing sores into your gums.