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Do I have an eating disorder?

I don't like solid foods and prefer to drink liquids instead. There are some foods that make me feel sick just thinking about it. I also only like to eat when people are eating around me so I don't make them uncomfortable. When having the choice by myself I don't eat. And to prove I eat to people I start binging when people are with me. I haven't heard of an eating disorder like this and don't know if I have one at all. I don't remember how long this has been going on.

Female | 16 years old

4 Answers

I would imagine these circumstances are distressing for you. I recommend you make an appointment with you primary care physician, be honest in reporting these conditions and ask about a good referral to a mental health professional who can provide you a thorough assessment and diagnosis with a solid plan for treatment.
Thank you for your question.
It’s hard to know the definitive answer to this without both a medical and psychological evaluation. But it is likely that you have some sort of relationship with food that is causing difficulties in your life. That’s always a sign that some professional intervention may be a help.
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It is not possible to diagnose you without a full assessment. You should seek a mental health professional to do this.
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