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Do I need a root canal to get a crown?

I will get a crown next week. Do I need a root canal to get a crown?

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No. Typically, if the nerve inside the tooth is healthy, a root canal is not necessary.
No, majority of crowns are done on teeth without root canal therapy.
No. Root canal therapy is not necessary for a crown restoration. However, these two procedures do tend to go hand in hand often times. A tooth that needs a crown usually has had a lot of trauma (fractured, large fillings, combinations of these), and this often leads to the nerve of the tooth eventually dying or starting to die. This would then necessitate a root canal therapy. So, in summary, not a requirement to have a root canal therapy prior to having a crown placed, but also not uncommon.
A root canal treatment is indicated to remove bacteria causing infection within your tooth. It can also be necessary when there is unremitting pain in your tooth as a result of a deep cavity or dental filling.

In some cases, a Dentist will recommend root canal treatment prior to a crown to enable access for placing a post in the root system. This post supports and anchors the crown in cases where there isn't much natural tooth structure left above the gum line.

In cases, however, where no post is to be placed prior to crown placement or where a tooth is asymptomatic and is not infected, root canal therapy would not typically be required prior to placement of a dental crown.
Not necessarily. But often if you get a root canal you will need a crown after.
Not usually. You would need a root canal if a radiograph image shows evidence that the nerve system in your tooth has died or is in distress. A crown is used to strengthen the tooth and prevent more fractures. Those two procedures are not always done together.

If you get a root canal on a posterior tooth (molars and premolars) then you need to get a crown to prevent fracture because the root canal weakens the tooth. You do not however need a root canal just because you get a crown. Depending on the reason for getting a crown, the tooth may require a root canal but the crown itself should not have an effect on the nerve. Many vital teeth have crowns.
You don't need to do a root canal just for the purpose of the crown procedure. However, if there is a cavity that is close to the nerve and has involved the nerve, then you need a root canal.

Dr. Norouzi
Absolutely not. You are speaking about two very different processes. Crowns are done for functional and cosmetic purposes and root canals are done only in the presence of infection or disease of the nerve of the tooth. Your pretreatment X-ray would show the presence of any infection and therefore a need for palliative treatment involving a root canal in most cases the crown would come as much as 5 years after the successful root canal is complete..
No. The tooth may be badly broken down or have a huge filling that weakens it necessitating a crown. If, however, the filling in the tooth is so huge that there are not many teeth left to hold a crown, then you may need an elective root canal with a post to secure the filling to the tooth and then be able to hold the crown, as well. Ask your dentist.
If the nerve inside the tooth is healthy, you can get a crown without doing a root canal first.