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Do I need surgery to fix my wisdom tooth problems?

I have wisdom teeth I think they are impacted and they starting to really hurt. Do I need to them removed?

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You should at least get these checked out. Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of damage to the "normal teeth" you use everyday to chew. Problems include resorption of adjacent teeth, possible cyst formation that can result in bone loss and other issues, localized bone loss (periodontal disease). Not all wisdom teeth need extractions, but they should all be properly evaluated at the very least. If you would like a follow-up to your question or concern, we would love to see you! If you are in the area, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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Please see a dentist determine whether you would have to have your wisdom teeth extracted.
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The first thing you need to do is get an appointment with a Maxillofacial dental surgeon for a consultation. Then he or she will be able to assess your particular situation and advise you for the best remedy. Generally impacted wisdom teeth that create discomfort may need to be surgically removed by a qualified Maxillofacial Dentist.
This is a really hard question to answer without seeing a dental x-ray. I would tell you most likely. If you are having pain and the wisdom teeth have not been extracted the best thing to do would be to visit a dental professional for an exam. A good majority of people do not have room for the 3rd molars and they often become infected. A dental professional will be able to help you but I would guess they need to come out.
Yes, especially if they are starting to cause problems. I would recommend seeing your dentist as soon as possible. They will take a panoramic X-ray to check the positions of the wisdom teeth and may either take them out in their office or refer you to a specialist for this.
Not necessarily. It depends if there is room for them to erupt into their positions in the mouth. Consult your dentist.
You should have them evaluated by an Oral Surgeon. They can take the X-rays and determine if they need to be taken out.
If your wisdom teeth are starting to hurt. It is often indicated to extract them. So the short answer to your question is YES.
Long answer: see your dentist or come in for a check-up
Short Answer: Yes
Thank you for your question.

Most doctors routinely recommend removal of wisdom teeth for multiple reasons: chiefly because they are difficult to clean and make it harder to keep the other molars clean, but also because they are often impacted. If this is the case, then corrective surgery to remove the wisdom teeth is even more important because of the pain they cause and the damage they can cause on the second molars.

Kolten Astle DMD, MBA 
In the majority of cases, it is recommended to remove a wisdom tooth, especially if it is causing pain or is impacted. Untreated and complicated wisdom teeth can cause various problems like pain, tooth infection, gum disease, and tooth decay. Therefore, wisdom teeth are removed to prevent them from negatively affecting your oral health.