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Do I need to be worried about my chest pain?

It started a while ago. I've been experiencing sharp pain in the middle of my chest, under my breasts, and on the sides of my ribs and some of the pain is in my arms, shoulders, and neck. It caused lots of headaches, dizziness, and struggles to sleep, breathe, or walk. It's been worrying me for a while, and I have no way of seeking medical advice because my parents believe I'm overthinking it. I'm not too sure but something doesn't feel right.

Female | 16 years old
Complaint duration: Not too sure.
Medications: None
Conditions: None

2 Answers

At this point, based on history, you symptoms are atypical for chest pain of cardiac origin.
your complaints are somewhat too general/vague and do not point to any specific organ /system dysfunction. Many more details would be needed to make more sense of your problem.
At 1st glance a chest pain is always concerning because of of course the heart but at your age and the associated pain under the breasts, side of the ribs, arms shoulders and neck point more towards a musculoskeletal problem. The sharp nature of the pain as well.
I would look 1st into your various daily bodily activities and see if anything could be initiating, enhancing or precipitating the pain. Such as for example heavy exercising, weightlifting, stretching or other activities.
If none of that is true I would consider obtaining a blood test to look for any underlying inflammatory process that could be causing the pains. Such conditions tend to be more prominent in woman and would be worth checking. With your above complaint description there is not much more I could recommend.