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Do antidepressants make you emotionless?

I am a 39 year old female. I want to know if antidepressants make you emotionless?

2 Answers

Yes, antidepressants do have a strong tendency to suppress emotions
Antidepressants are prescribed for depression, anxiety and other conditions (e.g. PMDD, Pain Management, etc.). Therefore, it is crucial to make the correct diagnosis in order to properly treat the condition. Typical benefit of antidepressant treatment is to reestablish balance and equilibrium in the person suffering from anxiety &/or depression; therefore, the person will become themselves again in the case of depression. In the case of Anxiety the person should have feelings of relief and freedom from the crippling anxiety. Therefore, any unwanted symptoms (e.g. more anxious, more subdued, etc.) would likely mean that the treatment does not agree with the patient; specific to that particular medication, rather than the class of such medications.
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