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Do gaps between teeth widen with age?

I am a 39 year old male. I want to know if gaps between teeth widen with age?

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There are many reasons for spacing between your teeth, the best person to answer your question is your dentist after Checking all the possibilities.
Yes. Gaps can close and open between teeth as we age. We are always growing and developing, and teeth are always moving and shifting. If you took a mound of your teeth today, they would not be in the same position in 1yr.
Yes, they can widen, because teeth can move over time. They do not always do that, but it does happen.
The gaps will widen if the support of the posterior teeth (molars, premolars) is diminished by either tooth wear or loss of back teeth. The gaps can also widen if bone loss occurs (periodontal disease) around the teeth progresses.