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Do permanent dentures fit better than immediate dentures?

I want to get dentures. Do permanent dentures fit better than immediate dentures?

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Immediate dentures are placed the same day as teeth are extracted. The area around the extraction socket shrinks as it heals for at least 6-8 weeks. Then, the denture does not fit as well and the area is relined with denture material to fill in the area that shrank. After reline, it fits
the same as permanent dentures.
Immediate dentures, where your natural teeth are removed and the denture is immediately placed are a great service. There are some drawbacks. First, there is no way to try them so it's difficult to evaluate esthetics or phonetics. The second drawback is your gums are going to shrink so you will probably need a reline in six months or so. Finally, in my opinion, immediate dentures may have a lot of adjustments, so the denture is pretty ground up. What I have done for the last 30+ years, is to use an immediate denture as a "healing denture" or transitional denture. Once everything has healed and you've had a chance to evaluate the esthetics, a final denture is made. It fits far better and any esthetic concerns, like the shape, size, or color of your teeth, can be changed. BTW, I have never had a patient regret this two-step approach (and I do a lot of dentures). I would talk to your dentist to discuss their approach/philosophy regarding immediate versus final dentures.
Typically yes they fit better than immediate dentures do. Immediate dentures are made before teeth are pulled and there is always gum shrinkage after teeth are pulled causing the immediate dentures to fit loose. Your next dentures should fit much better than the immediates do. 

Immediate dentures will give you the convenience of not being without anterior teeth throughout the denture fabrication process. The remaining anterior teeth are extracted on the day of final denture delivery. After approximately 6 months of healing, the denture usually requires a denture reline due to the shrinking of the gums following the healing from the extractions.  At this time the Immediate denture will fit as well as a permanent denture.
Yes. Immediate dentures are created from a mold of your mouth that still has your teeth. The lab cuts off the teeth and places the gum/bone in the location it thinks will be left behind after your teeth are extracted. So, it is an approximation. They can be relined to fit better after a couple of months of healing. Final dentures are made when you already have no teeth and your mouth has healed. There is no guess work involved.
Most of the time they will as you will get shrinkage from your tissues with an immediate denture which is placed on the day your teeth are removed.
I want to get dentures. Do permanent dentures fit better than immediate dentures? There are various versions of an Immediate Denture. They can look as good as definitive/permanent dentures. Most are quite simply less expensively made dentures that are made to wear and look good while you heal from having teeth extracted. Then, after you are completely healed, a new set of dentures is made to fit your healed gums. This new denture would usually be made with more realistic, higher-quality materials (teeth) but doesn't necessarily need to be made with anything different. Because a second denture is made it is possible to learn from the first denture what changes you want and make it better, as a result, it can fit and look better. This results in your purchasing two custom dentures. While the Immediate Denture can be kept as a back up you have still purchased two dentures. An alternative is to have a denture made to wear immediately following the extraction of the teeth and then have that denture relined, made to fit after you have healed. This if often less expensive than purchasing two separate dentures but does not give a "spare" denture or a chance to change much from the first denture. With all immediate dentures, it should be expected to have it relined multiple times after having it made.