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Do you a need bone graft for an implant?

I am a 27 year old male. I want to get an implant for a missing tooth. Do you a need bone graft for an implant?

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Not always. It depends on the available bone, site and the size of the implant.
Sometimes yes.
Your dentist will measure the bone present in the site of your new implant. If there is enough bone present to support an implant, then no bone graft is needed. You did not state why a tooth was lost. If it was lost from decay, you will want to learn how to never have another cavity ever. The book, GROWING A HEALTHY CHILD, SECRETS FROM A WISE OLD DOC, gives easy to understand information how to be decay free. The steps are easy and anyone can follow them.
Thank you for your excellent question.
Grafting for an implant is needed when there isn’t adequate bone to support the implant, so if there is sufficient bone, it’s not necessary to graft.
Your surgeon will take X-rays to determine if you have enough bone for immediate implant placement.
No. One only needs bone grafting for an implant if the quantity of bone is deficient in width, height, or both.

John U. Choi, DDS, PhD
Bone grafts are necessary to rebuild your bony ridge for proper placement of the implant. When you lose a tooth, the bone begins to dissolve away as it is no longer necessary to support the tooth. This means there’s less bone to support placement of the implant. A bone graft can replace the lost bone, reform the bone ridge and allow the implant to be placed in the most ideal position.
Sometimes it depends on the level of bone and stability
If you have to first remove the bad tooth the answer is yes. If the tooth is already missing then it depends on the amount of remaining bone that you have left. A cone beam also know as a cat scan can determine that.
It depends on the bone density in the missing tooth area. You may or may not need a bone graft.
This will depend on the amount of existing bone. If the tooth had been missing for long time most of the time the answer will be yes, since the bone that holds teeth gets lost with time gradually.