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Do you feel immediate relief after chiropractic adjustment?

I will have my first chiropractic adjustment for neck pain. Do you feel immediate relief after chiropractic adjustment?

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It is possible, but this is dependent on what the problem is, how long it has been there, your current state of health and other factors.
Hello. The answer is that it depends on how much pain you have before the adjustment. If your condition is just a simple misalignment without much inflammation and muscle response, then the first manipulation should make it feel a little better immediately, but you may be a little sore from stretching tissue that is not used to that range of motion about an hour later or so. Each adjustment after the first should improve the symptoms and function. Mostt of my patients love the neck adjustment!
It all depends on your personal situation: A large percentage of people would answer. YES to your question. This is mainly due to their chosen life-style and the reason for their discomfort : ie. the way they slept, or the new exercise routine, or, or, or , -- Hopefully you get the idea. Some folks require a series of adjustments due to the nature of the cause of their pain: fall, automobile accidents, tripping without falling, etc. Also, it is important that you understand that pain in an "individual perception" due to the pain tolerance of each individual -- on a scale of "1-10" with 10 being a lot of pain. One person may call the same basic pain a 3 while another may call it a 9 or 10 -- again a personal pain tolerance identification. Therefore, call your local Chiropractor for an evaluation of your personal condition today. If you do not have a chiropractor, ask your friends for the name of their chiropractor.
Most of the time, yes, but, it would depend on the amount of inflammation present. Most of the time there is an immediate reduction in the amount of pain. If the pain does resolve right away, it usually will in a few days or after a series of adjustments.
Sometimes yes and sometimes no.
It is very possible to feel immediate relief of neck pain after the first chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic is the field of healthcare that focuses on removing misalignments of the spine to relieve nerve pressure. Since pain is an indicator of nerve pressure or a nerve being "pinched", removing the misalignment can results in instantaneous pain relief. You may notice slight muscle soreness after your first adjustment due to muscle involvement but it doesn't last very long.
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Sometimes yes, and sometimes no...I wish it could be more simple, but it really depends on the details of the case. Without knowing those details, it's very difficult to say whether you'll find immediate relief. Chiropractic is not a "one and done" treatment, it takes time to undo the trauma induced by bad daily postures.

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