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How long is recovery after frozen shoulder manipulation?

I am a 34 year old male. I want to know how long is recovery after frozen shoulder manipulation?

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That will depend on how bad is the condition, the treatment proposed by the Chiropractor, and how you follow through with the doctor's recommendations.
It varies greatly in each case
There is no set-in-stone answer to your question as to how long it will take to heal following a frozen shoulder manipulation. It all depends on a lot of answers to questions such as your age; how long has it been a problem; did it happen in stages of time and how quickly you seek
attention, your nutrition; level of overall health; your sleeping patterns; your water intake; the true reason the shoulder is "frozen"; the condition of your cervical vertebrae; the skill of the person attending you; did you have surgery; and whether you are getting adjusted by a Chiropractor. These are some beginning questions. I would suggest you see a good Doctor of Chiropractic and get an evaluation; then, depending on the answers to all these questions, it might take a couple of months.
I don't understand the question. How long is recovery from Frozen? Shoulder or are you in pain after a manipulation on your shoulder and wondering how long it will last? Most post manipulation soreness is for around 24 hours or so.
There is not a particular time frame for recovery from frozen shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis). Therapy includes mobilization, Ultrasound to break up adhesions, range of motion and strengthening exercises, icing, and nutritional support to promote healing. Each individual is different.
Usually recovery takes about 6 weeks. If you do manipulation under anesthesia, recovery is quicker.
I have worked successfully on many frozen shoulders. success can come in days or never fully recover. I don't do hard, forceful and panful manipulation. I work with quickness and finesse. I try to minimize pain. The amount of success depends on the cause of the condition, how long it has been there, how contentious the individual is with following advice and type of previous treatment. I usually recommend a combination of dynamic range of motion and contrast therapy which is Ice followed by wet heat (wet towel, shower or jacuzzi). Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage are helpful.