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Does COVID-19 disease cause high blood pressure?

I was diagnosed with a COVID infection. I also have high blood pressure. Does COVID-19 disease cause high blood pressure?

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COVID 19 has caused multiple cardiovascular symptoms in complains in patient's. There is note direct evidence of COVID-19 resulting in hypertension. However, COVID-19 infection is known to cause labile blood pressure recordings and heart rate recordings.
No, COVID-19 is not known to cause hypertension, but it could be be a coincident to discover new onset of undiagnosed and untreated hypertension. We see high levels of anxiety in patients who had COVID-19, which can be associated with white coat hypertension.
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If you already have high blood pressure any stress can make your blood pressure go higher. Keep low salt diet. Keep a blood pressure monitor for morning and evening insured to your primary care.
Covid-19 attacks the body via the angiotensin receptor. This results in a down regulation of the receptor and an increase in angiotensin, which can raise BP. 56% of patients with severe Covid infection had hypertension. With resolution of the Covid infection, this should theoretically improve.