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Does a podiatrist take care of foot deformities?

I am a 29 year old female. I want to know if a podiatrist takes care of foot deformities?

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Hello, Thank you for your question. We you have to evaluate you and take foot x-rays if needed. Please call our office 973-817-9577 or on our portal drtotten.com for an appointment.
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Absolutely, please go to my office's social media and www.feetnbeyond.com to see what can be done.
It depends on the foot deformity but yes
Yes: You will go in for an examination and possibly get an X-ray
Yes I would pay him a visit.
Yes a podiatrist does, you do want to find someone with training in reconstructive foot and ankle. If you find someone and they do not do it they should refer you to someone who does do the surgery needed.
Yes. A podiatrist specializes only in foot in ankle. All ailments of the foot and ankle including vascular, dermatology common neurology common orthopedics is handled by a podiatrist.
I hope this answers your question.
Yes, podiatrist are foot specialist that provide the medical and surgical treatment of many common foot diseases and disorders. However, some podiatrist only practice general podiatry. I treat many foot conditions with both conservative and surgical intervention.
Yes! Most podiatrists are surgeons, especially those that are Board Certified and have been residency trained.
Oh dear me that’s 90% of what they do. And do it well.
There are many different deformities that can occur in the feet, some starting at birth, some overtime manifesting in childhood through adulthood, and others a result of injuries. There are other rare causes for deformities in the foot that arise from nervous system related problems. Regardless of the deformity, understanding why these deformities are occurring is the first step towards a complete recovery. Often this requires imagining, surgery, and sometimes physical therapy depending on the causes. Simple deformities such as hammertoes and bunions are common, and have great outcomes. A Podiatric Surgeon can help you understand all of the process and get you up and going seamlessly.
Yes. Some podiatrist specialize in surgical correction of foot deformities. Others are committed to conservative care.

Kathleen Neuhoff. DPM

Yes, we do see patients with foot and ankle deformities.
Yes, podiatrists treat foot deformities. Podiatrists treat ailments of the foot and ankle.
A podiatrist, depending on his qualifications, will address all ailments, including deformities of the foot. Some podiatrists concentrate on "routine" care-corns,callouses, mycotic nails, while others specialize in correcting serious foot deformities that include major surgical intervention. When you call, ask what they're practice concentrates on treating. Read some of their reviews on the internet, but when you call the office, tell the office your problem and the staff will most likely know if they can be of any assistance. And second opinions on surgical intervention never insult a doctor. If they do, they're not confident on what they're telling you.
Yes, they do, but only if they are board certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery.
Podiatrists are trained to treat all foot and ankle conditions. I recommend you make an appointment with a podiatrist (foot and ankle surgeon) to discuss
Yes, all shapes sizes and aliments are welcome in our offices.

Yes podiatrists can take care of foot deformities. We perform many surgical procedures of the foot and ankle to correct deformities.

Dr. Lui
Of course a Podiatrist takes care of foot deformities. But there are differences in the training of Podiatrists, and you should look for a well-trained Podiatrist who had a 3-year surgical residency training, or a Podiatrist who had a 2-year surgical residency training plus a fellowship in reconstructive surgical procedures, as well as board certification in Foot and Ankle surgery in order to be properly taken care of. You can find the training levels of the Podiatrists in your area by contacting the Board of Podiatry in your particular state to find out who is board certified in foot and ankle surgery, and what type of residency training the Podiatrists in your area had. Do your research-we are NOT all created equal!
That is their specialty.
Yes, most podiatrists treat foot and ankle deformities with a large array of treatments, both conservative and surgical.
Yes we do
Yes, podiatrists are extensively trained on the treatment of several deformities of the foot and ankle.
Yes! Foot deformity is incredibly complex and multifactorial. A full biomechanical evaluation, complete history, and X-rays in office will tell more of the story and how to treat it to get the patient pain free!