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Does a real dentist help you during Invisalign?

I am a 29 year old female. I want to know does a real dentist help you during Invisalign?

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Yes! Unlike some of the other clear aligner services, your own dentist formulates and closely monitors your Invisalign treatment plan with the team at Invisalign, which includes experienced orthodontists and technicians, all working together to assure your case is a success. Accurate records and recent xrays are a must and intermittent appointments to monitor your progress are highly recommended.
First off stating a “real dentist” means what? If you are referring to a Dentist as compared to an Orthodontist the answer is if a Dentist has been trained in Clear Aligner treatment they can do that service. If you are seeing someone specific for the treatment then stay with that person.
Yes, in most offices. At each visit, the dentist will oversee the progress in teeth movement.
Yes, the dentist will supervise the start to finish process of invisalign treatment.
Yes all cases are overseen by a licensed orthodontist.
Yes! It’s important for the dentist to closely monitor your progress. Sometimes corrections need to be made during the course of treatment.
Yes with Invisalign you see a dentist to plan the case, and check in every month to monitor progress and make corrections if necessary. Once completed the final retainers are delivered by that same dentist.
Yes. Invisalign is treatment planned and practiced by a licensed dentist. It is required so the provider can monitor progress.

Jaby Paul
Yes! A real dentist can help you with Invisalign! Better yet, a real orthodontist, who is a dentist that specializes in orthodontics, can also help you with Invisalign. An orthodontist will make sure your teeth, gums, and bones are healthy prior to moving teeth with Invisalign or clear aligner treatment and monitor them during your treatment to make sure everything is staying healthy and your teeth are moving according to your treatment plan. Please call your local orthodontist and make an appointment to see if clear aligner treatment would be a treatment for you and please do not get treatment with a direct-to-consumer clear aligner company. Your teeth need to be supervised during any type of orthodontic treatment.

Daniel A. Flores, DDS, MS
Even though a general dentist can do the Invisalign treatment, I suggest seeing an orthodontist who can also do Invisalign and make sure that you qualify for aligner treatment.

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Dr. Barry Deirmenjian
Yes, Invisalign requires that a dentist personally oversee and guide treatment.