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Does acupuncture help with tinnitus?

I am a 29 year old male. I want to know if acupuncture helps with tinnitus?

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Tinnitus (ringing in your ears) usually indicates a kidney deficiency. I suggest you look for an experienced acupuncture practitioner who uses imperial or king herbs for help to get relief.
Acupuncture helps tinnitus in combination with using herbs. We look for the cause and treat the symptoms.
Yes. I encourage you to book a session with your practitioner of choice to get help with relief.
Usually. The type that comes from damage of loud noises, I have heard, is a bit more resistant to treatment.
It can, but it may take multiple treatments to see results. Have you seen an audiologist or an ENT doc? You may have excessive ear wax buildup that can be causing a problem. If there is something structurally wrong, that will have to be addressed first. You may have an issue that can be best rectified with more invasive treatment, but you should see a specialist to rule anything out. So yes, acupuncture can help if it has been determined first that there is not something systemically wrong. In the meantime, avoid loud music or places where there is construction or vibrations. Don't put anything in your ears like earbuds or plugs. Be very careful with using Q-tips or don't use any at all. Good luck!
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According to Chinese Medicine, ringing in the ear could be caused by an internal imbalance. Acupuncture helps with re-balancing the body, and can help, however there are several factors that would need to be assessed in order to do so. Seek out the assistance of a a licensed Acupuncture physician in your area to get some help with that. Good Luck! Yours in Health!.
We have been successful in treating tinnitus with acupuncture. Patients notice less intensity and duration of the tinnitus, however, it takes a series of treatments to notice the improvement.

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Well, tinnitus is a tough one. According to Chinese Medicine, Tinnitus can come from a lot of different etiologies. Please plan to make an appointment to talk and evaluate you.
Research supports the treatment of tinnitus with acupuncture. And acupuncture has been used to treat tinnitus since the beginning of modern medicines and "snake oils." Of course, double check with your primary to see if alternative medicine would be a great option. I have been able to help most of my patients with their tinnitus regardless of it being their main complaint, but keep in mind chronic conditions may take longer to treat.

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Acupuncture is effective in reducing the loudness and severity of tinnitus ^^
It depends on the cause. I personally have not had much success with this. But some other acupuncturists may have.
Yes, acupuncture can help with tinnitus.
A fresh one, yes.
Find and treat the cause. Are you on Asprin or any other meds?
Nothing has been proven to cure tinnitus yet, but stress plays a significant role in severity and/or awareness of tinnitus, so anything that could help with overall health and stress levels could potentially help with your awareness of and/or your aggravation with your tinnitus. 
I understand that some acupuncturists have had success with tinnitus, but I have not. I would call around and see if anyone near you has successfully treated it.
Yes, acupuncture can help tinnitus.
Yes. Acupuncture can be very helpful in treating tinnitus. I also recommend visiting an audiologist as some tinnitus can be alleviated with the use of a hearing aid.
Acupuncture can help with tinnitus. In my experience, this is an issue that requires extended treatment times. Occasionally I'll get tinnitus under control in a few (3-5) treatments. More commonly patients are looking at months of treatment to provide relief.