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Does drinking with a straw prevent cavities?

I want to prevent cavities. Does drinking with a straw prevent cavities?

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Drinking through a straw has no benefits whatsoever when it comes to preventing cavities and staining of the teeth.
It won't prevent cavities, but it will reduce the teeth exposure to acids and sugars that can cause cavities.
Use of a straw in a specific orientation may reduce contact of acidic drinks on teeth thereby reducing potential ill effects of acidic drinks. Cavities or dental decay disease is a multifactoral condition (it has many different factors contributing to it). Teeth start to dissolve at a pH (measure of how strong an acid is) 5.5. Many drinks are well below that pH 3-4.5, which can dissolve enamel with in a relatively short contact time.. So preventing contact on teeth as much as possible may help reduce destruction thereby possibly reducing cavities. However the drinks tend to reduce the overall pH of the oral cavity the teeth are in so maybe not so much. Drinking thru a straw placed at the back of the mouth may have some slight benefit.
No, the liquid will still make contact with saliva and affect the teeth, plus you lose the ability to taste what you're drinking. There is no better way to prevent decay than flossing and brushing twice a day. The modern electric toothbrushes, Oral-B or Sonicare (not a spin brush), are the best use of modern technology.
No, but it may diminish the threat of sugary and acidic liquids by not bathing the entire mouth with them. 
If you can taste the beverage, some of it will touch your teeth. Less direct contact with your teeth than drinking without a straw, but not eliminating contact. You still need to brush and floss.