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Does liposuction work on upper arms?

I am a 33 year old female. I want to know if liposuction works on upper arms?

5 Answers

Yes, definitely. But for arms with flabby skin only.
Think of your arms as a skin envelope with fat as the contents. If there is a minimal excess envelope, excess fat liposuction may solve the problem. I would consider Vaser as this method provides a component of skin tightening. If there is extra skin then you would require the removal of that extra skin with a linear scar.
Yes . Result depends on skin excess.
Yes, however it can leave some loose skin. Depends on your arm if its fat content is high. It is a little more of a difficult site to do.
It does! However, your plastic surgeon needs to determine whether your tissue excess in the arms is predominantly fat or predominantly skin. If it is more of the latter, meaning sagging of the arms (or ptosis), then a skin excision procedure called a Brachioplasty or 'arm lift' is more appropriate than just liposuction alone. If you do not have significant skin excess, and your skin has good elasticity (ability to rebound like a rubber band), then careful liposuction to the arms can be a good option, so long as you are compliant with compression arm sleeve wear, adhering to a low salt, high protein diet to maximize healing, and follow postoperative restrictions with your arms as far as heavy lifting is concerned. Always discuss your body contouring goals with a duly trained, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who can offer any and all of the above options safely and ethically.