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Doppler ultrasound?

Can a vascular surgeon using a doppler ultrasound find the cause for intermittent claudication? Which results in blood flow problems in the leg or does one need a CT scan to diagnose?

Male | 71 years old
Complaint duration: 11 months
Medications: Baby Aspirin
Conditions: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm surgery

3 Answers

Both are really good studies however the ultrasound is less invasive and does not involve contrast.
Doppler ultrasound is often used as a screening imaging exam for patients with claudication or leg pain. Depending on the results of the ultrasound, e.g., there is evidence of a flow limiting stenosis, the ordering physician will then go on to obtain a vascular surgery consultation. The vascular surgeon after obtaining a history and physical exam from the patient may
then go on to order a CTA or formal angiogram for the most sensitive imaging of the arteries in the lower extremities. Ultrasound is the most expedient Imaging exam to begin with given the cost, wide availability, relative short length of time to image the patient, and ease of scheduling.
Hope that helps. Thank you.
Doppler ultrasound is useful in diagnosing poor blood flow causing claudication but detailed evaluation of the site and severity of vessel blockage often requires angiography which can be done with CT scanning