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Drinking coffee after having wisdom teeth removed?

I am a 31-year-old female who had two wisdom teeth removed last week. How long do I have to wait to drink coffee regularly again. Drinking coffee after having wisdom teeth removed?

7 Answers

Drink, eat whatever you want, but keep the surgery site clean.
During the 24 hours immediately after your wisdom tooth extraction, the oral surgeon will instruct you to stay away from hot beverages and foods like soup or coffee because the hot liquid may dislodge the clot that needs to form for your wound to begin healing. However, since it's been a week, you should be fine.

You can drink coffee from now on. It was a week ago for the extraction.
You may resume all normal activities 48 hours after extractions. Just keep you brushing gentle. Continue rinsing with warm salt water until you see your surgeon for a post-op visit.
You are fine to drink coffee after teeth removal, however I would recommend waiting 1-2 days to allow the initial healing process to take place. Also avoid hot beverages and foods that may cause inflammation in that site, until the sockets start to close over and your pain level has decreased.
You are fine to drink it after the anesthetic or numbness wears off. But, avoid drinking through a straw or smoking for 48 hours.
If you are not still bleeding, you can drink coffee after wisdom teeth removal.