Periodontist Questions Gum Recession

Gum recession

I've had some gum recession (I'm in my 30s). I have good tooth care. Why did my gums recede?

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The most common causes for recession include toothbrush/toothpaste abrasion, tooth movement, congenitally malpositioned, (roots in the wrong position from birth) and periodontal disease. Many people are likely to develop root recession without even realizing it. However, with assistance from a periodontist, you can prevent recession from occurring or treat it before it becomes severe.
Many reasons:

1. Previous ortho treatment
2. Grinding your teeth
3. Bad habits
4. Bad tooth brushing
It is not a simple answer and almost impossible to answer with out seeing your X-rays and doing an examination. It can be as simple as a genetic defect or brushing over aggressively with an abrasive toothpaste or hard bristle toothbrush. It could be an iatrogenic problem due to arch expansion or tooth movement or a myriad of other reasons. Basically, get yourself to a periodontist for an examination to see if you need treatment to rectify the problem.
There are 9 reasons for gum recession:

1. Using a hard brush
2. Brushing too long
3. Active orthodontic treatment
4. Orthodontic treatment in the past
5. Bad habits like holding a foreign substance in the mouth or between the teeth
6. Genes
7. Improperly done restoration or fillings
8. High muscle attachment, such as labial or lateral frenulums
9. Crocket teeth

Could be any of these or a combination of any of them.

Kayhan Civelek, DDS MS
Over brushing (usually with an electric toothbrush) removes bacterial plaque, but also scratches at the gum line & over time exposes more root surface. It will only get worse unless you change your brushing technique. Please send photo of recession areas.

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Bill Neale, DDS, MS
The following factors could cause gum recession: gum disease, tooth brush trauma, genetics, plaque. Gum recession can be treated, consult with a periodontist to determine what is causing it and what your treatment options are.
Hi, gums recede for a variety of reasons. You may be using a hard bristle toothbrush which erodes the gum tissue, you might have had orthodontics which can cause tooth recession when the teeth are moved. Some people have thick tissues which tend to pocket when there is stress placed on the gums, other people have thinner gums which tend to recede if there is pressure placed on the gums. When I mean pressure, it can be plaque accumulation, overzealous cleaning, etc. Hope this helps.

Dr. M

Recession is very common, and has many reasons why it occurs. The most common one is that of what is called a thin biotype. That is, your genetics often can be the biggest factor in why the gums recede. The bone and gums can be thin from inheritance, and therefore recede with time and normal use/wear of the teeth. Another reason is brushing too hard, or having a frenum pull that pulls the gums down.
Gum recession can occur for many reasons and ultimately is a form of periodontal disease which means you have lost or are losing bone around your teeth. It can be due to traumatic home care, too many bacteria in your mouth, orthodontic tooth movement, periodontal susceptibility and many more. I would highly recommend a consultation with a periodontist who can address and review the exact cause in your situation. Gum grafts are potential options to address this. Most dental insurances will cover any needed procedures for gum disease. I also want to inform you that it is easier to treat at the beginning phase of recession and frequently reversible. We would be happy to see you for a consultation. If you would like to come in for it to be evaluated, please do not hesitate to call our offices at 425-453-1010.

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Dr. Neal
Gum recession can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common ones are thin gum tissue, tooth grinding, and traumatic tooth brushing. 
Gum recession happens for bacterial reasons or mechanical reasons. Gum disease can cause recession. Inappropriate brushing techniques or occlusal trauma ( bite problems) can also cause recession.
There are many factors that may contribute to receding gums. My advise is to see a periodontist in your area and have an exam and X-rays.
You may have recession. Recession is not age-related. I, in fact, had recession in high school. The sooner it is fixed, the less invasive, less discomfort and less expensive the treatment. If treated early enough, you may not even need incisions or stitches. Call 6148898222 to make an appointment.
There are multiple reasons for gum recession
It may be due to incorrect brushing habits, orthodontic treatment both past and present, grinding or clenching habits. Sometimes it’s more tooth erosion than gum recession alone
See a periodontist to resolve the recession. You need for them to establish the cause as well as correct the recession
Hard and incorrect brushing technique