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Hepatitis from lollipop?

I don’t know if I am being daft here but I bought a lollipop from the shop (a lollipop without a stick but in a plastic casing). I opened the lollipop and was sucking on it and then noticed the wrapper had been removed prior to being opening it someone must have taken the wrapper off the shop and sucked and put it back I'm going out of my mind with worry over contracting hepatitis. Should I go to the emergency department or at least see my GP?

Female | 27 years old

1 Answer

If the lollipop was not wet with saliva, you have nothing to worry about. The surface of a lollipop would suck the life off any lingering life forms in seconds. If the surface was wet, you are more than silly to put it in your mouth, but in that case, you should get testted. Your GP can advise you.
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