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High BUN/Creatinine Ratio?

I had recent blood work done that showed BUN as high at 27, Creatinine as normal at 0.64 with my ratio at 42 as high. Everything else in the bloodwork is normal ranges CBC CMP Lipids A1c Uric Acid Phosphates. I had the same blood work done 7 months ago showing a BUN of 24 (normal range on the blood work is 7-25) and my Creatinine was 0.63 under my ratio it stated Not Applicable. Should I be concerned? Why was it Not applicable back then when technically the ratio would be 38 which is higher then the normal range stated as 6-22 when both my BUN and Creatinine #'s were in normal range?

Male | 46 years old

1 Answer

This is a minor lab abnormality and may not be reported to you as abnormal by your physician. Most typically seen if a person is a bit "dry" from inadequate fluid intake or use of diuretics (which may be an isolated med or part of a combination antihypertensive prescription). May even be seen if the lab draw was early in the AM after a long night's sleep and no breakfast. Totally reversible with adequate fluid intake. Incidentally, the creatinine is pretty low (reflecting overall good kidney function) for someone in their 40s.