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How can I get rid of pain in the back after sleeping?

A few days ago I had slept in a weird position on a very uncomfortable surface and experienced pain in my back. Since then, I have been very careful about my sleeping position. But the pain seems to continue to come back every day. How can I get rid of pain in the back after sleeping?

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There are some simple treatments that can help you. A trigger point injection may help to come down the muscle. this can help to break the pain cycle that you are in. It also might be beneficial to try a nerve medicine or muscle relaxer for a couple of nights just to calm it down.
It may be your mattress is too soft. You need to have a very firm mattress. If it is not better, then you need to see a physician. 

Yours sincerely,

Linda Li, MD
It sounds as if you may have got a "kink" or a muscle pull while you were sleeping on that uncomfortable surface. Lying down probably aggravates the existing condition. Try stretching the affected area for the next week or so while it heals. If the symptoms do not reduce after a week or so, then see a physician that specializes in musculoskeletal ailments such as a
Chiropractor to have an examination, identify the problem, and get it fixed.
I hope this helps.

Take care and be well,

Dr. Eric Miller
Try an ibuprofen an hour or so before getting up.

Klee Bethel
Find a great chiropractor who can take X-rays of your spine. Allow him or her to adjust you regularly for at least one month and see how great you feel!


Dr. Brandon Buttry