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How can I keep food from getting under my partial denture?

I got my partial dentures 2 weeks ago. How do I keep food from getting under my partial denture?

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You can try some denture adhesive. You can also look at reliving your denture for a tighter fit or consider getting a new denture.
Digital dentures are a great new inovation
Try putting a dab of denture adhesive before eating. If that doesn't work, go back to the doctor that delivered it to evaluate the fit.  It generally comes with 6 months of adjustments. 
Make sure it is tight enough that you can't move it with your tongue. Also needs to be tight enough to not move when you eat. If you had teeth pulled recently, there may be a gap due to healing. Last, it will trap food around it, so most people will take their partial out and rinse it after eating.
Unfortunately there are pros and cons to every dental procedure. In your case, it is important to make sure that it is well fitting. Have the dentist take a look at the new partial to make sure it is seating down properly. If it is and you are still getting food under it, there may be nothing else that can be done. The forces of eating can be great at times which force food in places we don’t want. You may have luck with denture adhesive. Try placing adhesive under the partial where you are getting the food stuck to see if that helps.
Sometimes getting food stuck under the edges of a partial denture is inevitable. However, it's often due to gaps between the appliance and your gums. In these cases, relining the underside of the denture to better adapt it to your gums will seal gaps and eliminate food impaction.

Ask your Dentist or Denturist about relining your denture as it can be a fairly inexpensive way to improve fit and reduce the likelihood of getting food stuck underneath it.