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How can I make my bone graft heal faster?

I am a 39 year old female. I want to know how can I make my bone graft heal faster?

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You generally can’t rush the biology. We use PRF in my office that decreases the healing time for soft tissue, but the bone needs time to turn over. General bone grafts take 3-4 months to turn over. If we do sinus lifts, typical healing time is 6 months.
While it is hard to determine how quickly a bone graft will heal (because I do not know the size, location, if any other things were used in conjunction with it like PRP or BMP), the best way to have your graft heal as quickly as possible is to keep yourself as healthy as possible. That means do not smoke/vape/use any tobacco products (nicotine is a vasoconstrictor and will slow healing). That means eating a well-balanced diet, ensuring you get enough nutrients from all categories without overdoing it on anything. This means ensuring you maintain good hygiene of the area (you should have been given directions for this by the surgeon that did the graft). If you have are removable prosthesis (denture or partial) making sure it does not put any pressure onto the graft area, and if it does, remove it until you are able to have it adjusted. This means avoiding getting sick, if possible, avoiding excess stress, if possible. All the things to keep yourself as healthy as possible. If you have not had the graft done yet, then the things to look for are a practitioner that will use good surgical techniques (this is the most important part). If appropriate for your graft, PRP (platelet rich plasma) or BMP (Bone morphogenic protein) can be used with the graft and may speed healing. But these are if appropriate for your graft. While good surgical techniques are important, the most important part is how well you take care of the grafted area afterward. Other than that, it is your body healing, and that takes time. Bone grafts are not fast, and the larger the graft, the longer it takes.
There is not much you can do, only keep it clean and be patient and let it heal. Typical time is 4 months. 
Bone graft needs time to heal, but you can help by staying away from smoking, second-hand included, drinking plenty of water, and a good, nutritious diet. Not touching or disturbing the healing site is crucial in expedited healing.