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How can you fix a loose partial denture?

I have a loose partial denture. How can you fix a loose partial denture?

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Sometimes you can! It all depends on the reason why the partial is loose. Your dentist can take a look and see if a clasp can be tightened or if material can be added to improve the fit.
It depends on the cause. Perhaps you just need the clasps tightened. A dentist needs to see you with the partial to determine the cause and solution.
Partial dentures can be relined/refitted depending on how old they are and the material they are made with.  It should be done in a dental office. Sometimes a dentist can temporarily refit/ reline a partial in one visit and sometimes it takes a few days.
If u really haven't lost bone over the years whether it's weight loss or long-term wear and tear or periodontal disease, the hooks or clasps can be tightened. If they are silver hooks,  ur dentist can manually tighten them with tools. If they are the flexible pink ones,  like  Valplast or Durable, u or the dentist can submerge the hooks under very hot water while pushing the hooks inward toward the part for a minute and then run cold water over a minute, that should tighten the hooks.  If u have actually lost bone then u are better off relining the partial with new material to take up the extra space between the partial and gum tissue, so that the partial and the gum are back in intimate contact.  If the denture is very old, ( dental insurance allows u a new one every 5 years, but check ur own specific dental insurance company for their own "frequency limitations" ) patched over too much,  then u really need a whole new partial. The best thing to do is to go to your dentist and get evaluated to see if u are able to tighten the hooks or get a reline or need a new one. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
Your dentist will advise you if your denture needs clasps adjustment, reline with additional plastic material, or replacement of your existing denture.