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How can you remove a cyst from your gum?

I have a cyst on my gum and want to remove it. How can you remove a cyst from your gum?

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It needs to be seen by a dentist.
A cyst on your gum may be a symtom of a more serious condition. You should not attempt to remove it yourself, instead see a dental professional. 
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You have to see the dentist to figure out what kind of cyst you have. In those cases we asked the pts to go to the Oral Surgeon Specialist.
Need to see a dental provider to determine the origin of the cyst.
I recommend that you see your dentist who will then likely refer you to an OMS (Oral Surgeon) for the removal of the cyst. He/She will then send that cyst to an Oral Pathologist who will look at it under a microscope. This is important because you want to know what type of cyst you're talking about. If it's a repeat cyst, like a mucocele that has already been diagnosed previously, then you don't HAVE to send it to pathology, but in all other scenarios, the biopsy report is recommended. Good luck with your surgery. Hope you find an excellent surgeon to take care of you.
Surgically or by laser.
A cyst can be removed from your gum by your general dentist, a periodontist, or an oral surgeon.  Please start with your general dentist. The underlying cause of the cyst needs to be addressed first.  From there, oftentimes the cyst will heal and the tissue will heal itself removing the cyst.  Removing the cyst without addressing the underlying cause is not a great plan of action.  Please call your dentist asap.
If you have something growing on your gum it needs to be removed by a dentist (general, periodontist or oral surgeon). It should be biopsied to confirm your assumed diagnosis of cyst. This is NOT something you should attempt yourself. It is removed either with a scalpel, electrosurgery or a laser.