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How do I best treat frequent headaches?

I get frequent headaches. I've had a lot of testing done and there is no conclusive reason for them. Do you have any suggestions for treating them that don't involve medications?

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A common thing nowadays is:
Too much stress
Too little sleep
Short acting medications that result in recurrent pain

See a doc
Dr w
1. Find out what triggers it and may need to avoid triggers, may be certain foods also.
2. research has sown that pressing gently the forehead area can help with headaches also
3. biofeedback and acupuncture has shown results also.
4. i know you don't want to try medications but there are preventive medications available also
Got headache? You're not alone...
Headache is the most common reason for ER visits. It can be classified into:
- Primary Headache syndromes:
- Migraine
- Tension type Headache
- Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias (Cluster Headaches.)
- Other Primary Headaches
- Primary cough headache
- Primary exercise headache. Etc.
Most of the headaches can be diagnosed clinically with History and physical examination by your physician. Only rarely and especially for secondary headaches you may need imaging studies, like MRI and CAT scan and some blood work to r/o infection or other inflammatory conditions.
Most headaches respond to NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Naproxen etc.). If your headache is chronic or lasting for majority of days in a month, then you may benefit from maintenance treatment with Anti-depressants or B Blockers like Metoprolol.
Other treatment is geared to specific headache. Treatment options may include Behavioral therapy and interventional pain management with Sphenopalatine ganglion blocks and spinal cord stimulators etc.
See an interventional pain management physician as they are most likely cervicogenic, from the neck, or dietary factors.
Find your triggers and try to avoid them: chocolate - foods, stress, smells, menses (utilizing birth control), etc. Natural treatments include magnesium. Botox is also a good treatment to decrease frequency of headaches, if your type of headache qualifies (this can be determined by a consultation with a specialist).