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How should I prepare my body for a naturopathy detox?

I plan to undergo a naturopathy detox treatment. How should I prepare myself?

Will I have to get acupuncture throughout my life?

I'm interested in starting acupuncture for back pain. Is there generally a length of treatment suggested or should I make it a lifelong commitment?

Is there a medication for gallstones?

I have been diagnosed with gallstones and now I have to go for surgery because of it. But, isn't there medication to treat it? I would rather not go under the knife, but it was...

When is it safe to start Ayurvedic medication for kids?

My son is 7 years old and has asthma. I have been thinking of starting him on Ayurvedic medication rather than what our GP gives him. Is there a right time to start him on Ayurvedic...

Can acupuncture help me lose weight?

I am struggling to lose weight, and the process is going too slow. I have been eating healthy and trying to exercise regularly. My friend read an article recently that said acupuncture...

I have a migraine problem. Should I see an acupuncturist?

I have chronic migraines and have been on medication for it since I was a teenager. I'm sick of taking these pills and I feel like they really don't work. Should I see an acupuncturist...

I am having a lot of acne and pigmentation on my skin. Should I try homeopathy for the same?

I am suffering from a lot of acne and I have a strange pigmentation on my skin. Do you think I can try homeopathic medicine for my problem?

My father has been diagnosed with IBD. Do you think naturopathic treatment may help him?

My father is 78 years old and has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. He keeps having adverse reactions to medications. Do you think a naturopathic treatment may be better...

Is there a natural medicine for treating migraines?

I started to have migraines recently and they come often. They also leave me in a lot of pain and discomfort. Are there any natural medications for migraines?

Can naturopathic medicine help with depression?

I am having symptoms of depression but I don’t want to take any strong medication for it. Should I opt for naturopathic treatment? Will it be able to help me?

Are there any risks associated with having naturopathic medicine?

I am planning to take up naturopathic treatments for my migraines, which are frequent. Are there any risks associated with naturopathic medicines?

Can a chiropractor help in treating foot pain?

Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of heel pain, probably because of the amount I've gained. Can a chiropractor help me in treating this foot pain?

My upper abdomen is bloated because of gas. What should I do?

I have a body prone to gas accumulation and most often it happens around my upper abdomen. What should I do to release it?

Are home digestive powders helpful in speeding up digestion?

In my family we are very used to eating home digestive powders with our food. Are these really helpful in speeding up digestion?

What is dry needling in physical therapy?

I went to a physical therapist clinic and found out about a therapy called dry needling. What is this form of therapy?

Are there painkillers in homeopathic medicine?

Are there painkillers available in homeopathic medication? Do they work as fast as allopathic painkillers?

Can acupuncture help in treating GERD?

My husband is having a lot of problems because of GERD. He has been taking medication for it, but nothing really seems to work for him. Can acupuncture help us treat his issue?...

Does acupuncture work for anxiety?

My wife has general anxiety, and I feel like she gets bothered or troubled by the tiniest things. Can acupuncture help in treating her symptoms and condition?

My mother suffered Bell's Palsy and is now recovering. Can a chiropractor help at this stage?

My mother is 64 years old and has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. After the necessary medication and treatment, she is now recovering after 4 weeks. Can a chiropractor help...

Can bath salts help in treating heel pain?

I feel a lot of pain within my heels. I think it's because I walk a lot for my job in the city. Can soaking my feet in water with bath salts help in treating heel pain?

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