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Does Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment also include medication?

Would I require medication or physical therapy if I am opting for Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment?

Are there natural ways to treat migraine?

I experience at least 2 migraines a week. Needless to say, I have tried pretty much every over the counter pain medication. Are there any natural ways to treat/prevent migraines?...

Is acupuncture helpful in treating anemia?

My husband has a very low hemoglobin level in spite of taking iron supplements. Can I try acupuncture for him?

Are there any natural remedies to treat migraines?

I suffer from migraines about 3 times a week. I really hate taking medication. Are there any natural treatments available for migraines?

Are there any natural treatments for high blood pressure?

My husband has a very stressful job and in spite of medication, his blood pressure is on the rise. Are there any natural treatments for high blood pressure?

How effective are acupressure slippers?

I came across a product online called acupressure slippers, which seem to massage people's feet as they walk. How effective are these slippers in reality? Do you think they'd...

Lately I've been experiencing a lot of fatigue. Can acupuncture help?

I have a lot of fatigue and feel exhausted, even during my normal routine? Can acupuncture help me?

Is Ghee beneficial?

Is it safe to have ghee or clarified butter as a part of everyday meals? What are the health benefits?

Can insomnia be treated with acupuncture?

I have a huge sleep problem, and my friend told that me that acupuncture that will help me with it. Is this true? I was thinking about asking my doctor if I should take medication...

Does acupuncture help in treating depression?

Is there a way to treat depression with the help of acupuncture? My daughter was diagnosed with clinical depression a month ago, and has been on antidepressants, but I think we...

Is there any alternative treatment for rheumatoid arthritis?

What alternative treatments can I do alongside my medication to help manage RA?

Can you suggest some natural ways to reduce squinty eyes?

My son has squinty eyes and I would like to learn if there are any natural ways to reduce the squint. Is there anything we can do?

Can acupuncture help me in managing stress?

I am under a lot of stress and pressure because of my job. I have tried to be a little more organized with my work and manage my time right, but it's not really working. Can...

Can natural medication solve gastric problems?

Is it safe for a person to rely on natural medication for treatment for gastric problems?

Is acupuncture a long-term treatment?

Does acupuncture require long-term treatment or is it possible to be a short-term treatment?

Can acupuncture improve sleep?

I have insomnia, and I heard that acupuncture may actually help me sleep better. Will it work? What is the connection between acupuncture and sleep, if any?

Can acupuncture help in treating diabetes?

I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and I wanted to know if I can do some alternative therapy like acupuncture to treat my condition. Would it help at all? If yes, how...

Is there an acupuncture treatment for treating back aches too?

I work in manual labor and lately, my back has been killing me. My wife suggested for me to look into acupuncture. How does it help?

How can acupuncture help in treating my loud cough?

I have a really loud cough, mainly at night. I'm not really sure where it's coming from though. I went to my primary last week, and he said that it could be something in the...

Can yoga help in treating hypertension?

Can I practice yoga to manage my issues with hypertension? Will it actually help me calm down?

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