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How do I have my tattoos removed?

I am a 34-year old-female and want my tattoos removed. How do I have my tattoos removed?

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The best way is with a laser specifically designed for tattoo removal. But, make sure you go to a medical provider who has a lot of experience doing this as they can scar from the removal procedure.
Tattoos are meant forever, i.e., permanent markings. Removal with lasers or any other means can cause scarring or unsightly shadows because there are some colors that lasers cannot remove properly.
By laser.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD, FAAD
Lasers are the best options. Black colors are easier but lasers have advanced tremendously so other colors may have success. The hardest colors are the ones that are faded and closest to your skin color as the laser cannot distinguish skin versus tattoo. Dermatologist understand this and can do the best job removing tattoos. Visit your local dermatologist and discuss your options and diagnosis.