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How do I know my thrush is healed?

Hi, I developed thrush while I had covid. I used an inhaler and was told that was likely the cause. I took nystatin solution for 3.5 days but it made nausea and vomiting worse so they put me on fluconazole for 7 days.

Female | 35 years old
Complaint duration: 13 days
Medications: Omeprazole, multivitamin, probiotics, fluconazole

2 Answers

Mycelex crouches work very well, 5 x a day for 7 days. The wafers are easy to use. More likely than not it is resolved as it was the result of the inhaled steroid component of the inhaler. This was actually an excellent approach to assist during a COVID infection.
It definitely looks better in the picture on the right. Usually you will notice food tastes more normal and the white film and any pain you had of the tongue is better. It being post covid taste abnormality may linger longer.
Hope this helps.
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