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How do you know if your wrist is out of place?

I am a 19 year old male. I wonder how can I know if my wrist is out of place?

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If you cannot move one wrist as far in a direction as you can the other one, this may indicate you have a restriction in one or more joints. Have your chiropractor examine you and recommend a course of care appropriate for you. Best of health.
Pretty simple actually ... it will be stiff and painful to make "normal" wrist movements!
There is usually pain and limited mobility
If your wrist is out of place, painful and swollen you should be evaluated by an Orthopedic specialist. A Chiropractor can also evaluate the injury and an x-ray may be needed.
Sometimes a stiff and subluxated wrist is referred to as being out of place. Subluxated means the tendons of the wrist may be strained and stiffness and discomfort may result. A Chiropractor can adjust the wrist and corresponding compensating joints such as the elbow and fingers which may offer you some relief. If the injury is not complicated you should be shown some stretching exercises to help of the forearm, wrist and fingers.
Thank you for your question.

I hate to answer a question with a question…but is the problem with your wrist the result of a trauma?

Generally speaking, a visual assessment of functional range of motion should identify an issue. Your should be able to press your palms together and bend your wrists to 90 degrees without pain significant resistance. The same goes for the back side of the hand. If either of those motions causes pain or is significantly restricted compared to the other side, there may be an alignment problem.
If you are feeling clicking in your wrist, that may be a sign that some of the bones in your wrist may not be moving well and you can go to a chiropractor for help in that regard. Other symptoms may include hand, wrist or tingling, pain or even numbness. The best way to know if your wrist is out of place is to see a chiropractor or other physical medicine specialist who would be able to evaluate your wrist and diagnose it. Depending on your history, there are other conditions besides something not being in the right place that could be causing your discomfort.

Dr. Cassandra Hoy
Pain, stiffness, and swelling are good indicators that your wrist is out of place.