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How do you make your teeth stop hurting after eating sweets?

After eating sweets my teeth hurt. What could be the cause? How can I fix it?

8 Answers

Brush, floss, rinse, use fluoride and toothpaste paste for sensitive teeth. Make sure you have your teeth checked for decay
First, it could be your body telling you something! You know, if it hurts when you do that, maybe you should stop! But everyone wants a treat. If the pain lingers, it may be a sign of a cavity that you can't see, perhaps in-between the teeth, that is causing the pain. It could be something as simple as gum recession and root exposure. But I don't like the idea that it hurts after eating. See a dentist!
Dr. Conrad
First of all, I am unable provide you with a solution since I cannot exam your teeth clinically. Teeth being sensitive with sweets usually indicates cavities. Best advice, schedule an appointment with your dentist for a check-up and X-rays. This way the dentist is able to make a comprehensive diagnosis and address your concerns appropriately.
If sweets make teeth hurt, there is probably decay. See a dentist for needed fillings.
See your dentist to rule out any issues. If nothing, you have sensitive teeth. Ask your dentist for tips to stop the sensitivity based on your needs.

Dr. Jensen
Calities! Go to the dentist.
Sensitivity after eating sweets can be an indication for cavities. It would be a good idea to see a dentist.

Drew Shulman, DMD, MAGD
Sensitivity to sweets are an indication that you likely have a cavity. The best thing to do is schedule an appointment to have X-rays taken and an examination. If cavities are present, it’s best to treat them appropriately. I highly recommend that you be seen soon. The sooner you address the problem, the more likely you can save your tooth/teeth.