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How do you rebuild enamel?

I have enamel loss on my front teeth. What can I do? What can dentists do for enamel loss?

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While we would love to grow layers of enamel, at this point we aren't able to regenerate lost enamel. However, we can make what we have SUPER strong.... this is done with a prescription level toothpaste that your dentist can prescribe for you..... and of course awesome hygiene, watching the sweets and acids intake.. and making sure you don't have any underlying health condition like gastric reflux. Great question!
You can't rebuild enamel. Once the enamel is loss, it is gone for good. You can strengthen enamel and/or dentin with fluoride.
The dentists should address the source of your enamel erosion. Enamel loss cannot be reversed, but it can be stopped from getting worse. If needed, the enamel loss can be replaced either by composite or porcelain.
The typical way when there’s enamel loss is to replace it with composite