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How do you think this COVID-19 injection would affect my heart?

I had a nuclear stress test in June 2020 as I have these chest aches every so often. I do have an LBBB diagnosed in 2017. The stress ECG was nondiagnostic due to LBBB. There is was hypokinesis of the septal wall consistent w/ LBBB. My father died of an aortic aneurysm, my brother has had stents. My uncle died of an aortic aneurysm. How do you think this COVID-19 injection would affect my heart? My Dr. has not gone over the results with me. I found my results through my patient portal.

Female | 59 years old
Medications: Welbutrin for Fibromyalgia

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What has been repotted, it is safe to get vaccination against COVID-19. However, it has been a complicated situation. Myocarditis(inflammation of heart muscle)and pericarditis cases have been reported.
It sounds like you need a coronary angiogram or cath to make to evaluate your coronary arteries further. The vaccine is very, very safe. The risk of dying from bad covid is much higher, especially if you have heart disease.
What we know now is covid-19 can cause inflammation of the heart muscle, which can lead to fatal arrhythmia. The good news is that it is not a common complication. Covid-19 is also known to cause inflammation of the lining of blood vessels. This causes development of blood clots. Again, my understanding is that this is uncommon.
Good luck.
You are at risk for Covid complications with your heart problems. Given your history that you just told me in the text and your family history I would think your physian would want to do a catheterization on you. Continue to take mitigation s which include distancing washing your hands and masking. Should still be vaccinated.
Thanks for the question!

There are rare reported cases of heart inflammation from the vaccine for Covid. The risk of disease causing the same or worse inflammation is higher. Please discuss your concerns with your doctor.

It's unfortunate that your physician has not discussed the results with you in person. American healthcare has become a business and that is terrible. However, you have several problems that need addressing, but I don't feel that the vaccine will be harmful for you. On the contrary, I think you need to be protected from the virus, which can cause far more damage to your health. You have Lupus and fibromyalgia, and a family history of aortic aneurysm. You should be screened for inflammation from autoimmune disorders. You can start with a blood test for ESR and CrP, ANA, and Rh factor. You don't say whether you have already been tested for these. Anyway, please talk to your physician and get vaccinated if you have not already had the shots.