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How impaired should your breathing be for a septoplasty?

I am a 29 year old female. I want to know how impaired should your breathing be for a septoplasty?

4 Answers

If your breathing is compromised, a good examination of your nose is in order. It may or may not be the septum causing difficulties. You may benefit from the appropriate surgery.
Ask these things: Do I mouth breathe a lot? Is one side always blocked? Do I snore? Changes in senses of smell? These are the few top questions.
You will not be impaired, but have a nasal congestion depending on the severity of your surgery.
The deviated nasal septum can also cause turbulent airflow through the nose and that could result in snoring. Other factors in the nose also include turbinates which are on each side of the nose which contribute to congestion. Getting an exam of the nose and maybe even a CT scan of the nose could tell you percentagewise how much obstruction you have and whether or not it would make sense to do a surgery.