Pediatrician Questions Impetigo

How is impetigo treated?

My daughter contracted impetigo from school. While we have started treatment, it is still not helping. I would like a second opinion on the treatment for impetigo.

2 Answers

Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection that is typically treated with keeping the area clean with washing with mild soap and water, topical antibiotics (over-the-counter or, preferably, prescription), and at times we need to add an oral antibiotic directed towards the most common bacteria that causes impetigo. I tend to treat with all three if the skin infection is on the face or if it is widespread. Also, consider another diagnosis if no response to the topical treatment!
If there is just one or 2 lesions, you can treat with antibiotic ointment, especially bactroban. If it is spreading with multiple lesions, she usually needs oral meds such as bactrim or clindamycin to cover for staph infection. Do not scratch the lesions.
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