Anesthesiologist Questions Blood Thinners

How long before my surgery should I stop taking blood thinners?

I have a minor cardiac procedure coming up in an out-patient facility. I'm a little nervous, but I'm preparing for it in the best possible way. However, I do take blood thinners and my doctor wasn't clear on how long before my surgery I should stop taking them. At least, I thought she wasn't clear. I'm just wondering, how long before my surgery should I stop taking my blood thinners?

3 Answers

Important to get approval from the doctor prescribing blood thinners, and nobody else!
Without knowing the name of the blood thinner you are taking, it will be difficult to answer this question. You can go on the website of the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and write the name of your blood thinner in the search section. The recommendation from ASRA can then be read and followed.
This depends on the type of the blood thinner. Talk to your cardiologist before stopping the blood thinners before any procedure.