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How long can a partial denture last?

I am a 55 year old male. I want to know how long can a partial denture last?

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If nothing changes in the mouth, it can last for over 10 years. If you are a heavy clencher and grinder, the teeth can wear faster, though.

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Dr. Johnson
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That's a great question! The lifespan of the partial depends on the condition of your teeth. The partial should last over 10 years, as long as the teeth supporting the partial remain in good condition. If any of the teeth helping support the partial experience any trauma, then the partial would not last a while.

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Indefinitely, as long as the anchor teeth holding the partial remain in good shape. Partials are usually replaced because of work needed on the anchor teeth cause the existing partial to not fit anymore. Over time the partial may wear or discolor, but that depends on the patient's eating and cleaning habits and there is a wide range for that. I have patients with 30 year old partials and some patients get new ones more frequently.
It is essentially made of plastic. If you take care of it, it can last a long time; if you don’t, it can break pretty easily.

David M. Garazi, DMD

The amount of time a partial denture can last is always an interesting question. The official answer is usually between 3-10 years; however, like most interesting questions there are a number of variables associated with different aspects of the partial denture. First of all, the material the base of the denture plays a role. This is the part that all the teeth and aesthetic parts are attached to. For a long time this was made out of metal with acrylic put on it to make it more aesthetic. The metal of a partial denture will usually long outlast teeth. The usual issues with them is they tend to loosen over time and the arms can break off after several adjustments. If the denture base is made out of a softer material like valplast it will look more aesthetic, but there is no way to tighten it in the future; so when it gets loose, a new one usually needs to be made. Second, the teeth are the major limiting factor in a partial denture. Most people with partial dentures will go on using them long past the useful time of a partial denture. This is because the teeth on a partial denture are made out of acrylic. These teeth can wear down over the course of a couple of years. When the teeth wear down they cause the person's bite to get smaller and this has unpleasant side effects such as; broken denture teeth, unsatisfactory smile, and loss of aesthetics (collapsed bite usually means people can tell there is a denture). Finally, the biggest variable is desire. Most people will get more than their fair share of usage out of a partial denture. The partial denture will pick up staining, teeth will break off it, it will no longer match the teeth around it and people still function with it. It isn't until the person feels the partial denture is dirty and no longer looks attractive that motivates people to have a new one. Heck, I made a new complete and partial denture for a patient whose previous one was 43 years old!
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
If properly maintained, if you don't gain or lose an excessive amount of weight, and if you keep your remaining teeth, your removable partial denture can last many years. By this, I mean, at least ten or more years.
One may not have any problems with it in many years. But still it can be ill fitting due to changing bone gum jaw structure. It should be checked out periodically by a dentist.