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How long do gum line fillings last?

I will have gum line filling this week. How long do gum line fillings last?

3 Answers

They should do just fine, but the gum line is a more difficult place to bond to, so you should expect they will be replaced with greater frequency.
All fillings are considered to be successful if they last for 10 years. That depends on your diet, hygiene, and overall rate of decay and genetics among other variables.
Gum line fillings will last as long as a regular filling. With proper oral hygiene, they can last even longer. Your insurance company understands that not all people have good oral hygiene and will typically help pay for a new filling every 3 years if needed. Ask your American Dental Association dentist how long he thinks your filling will last after he places it.

Russell A. Sassack, D.D.S.